Creative Project


For this assignment, you will complete a creative digital project and write an artist’s statement connecting it to what we’re learning in class.

Creative Project

Use digital tools to complete a creative project that makes a playful commentary on the digital medium. The length and form of the project is completely up to you. The project should either be embedded into a blog post or should be linked to your post.

This part of the assignment will be graded on effort, creativity, and ability to use digital media to make a point. You will NOT be graded on how polished the end result is; the assignment is more about the process than the end product. I hope this will encourage you to learn something new and experiment with media.

See the Creative Examples page for previous students’ creative work for examples and ideas. Also, see the Digital Tools page for links to ideas, free software, and creative software that Emory has.

Artist’s Statement

Write a 700-1000 word essay describing your project, the process of completing it, and how it makes a commentary on the digital medium. Make sure to include the following:

  • a detailed description of the project and your process of making it (what software you used, what you did, etc.)
  • a statement about what commentary you were trying to make about the digital medium
  • an explanation of how your project conveys that commentary and what choices you made in order for it to do so
  • an explanation of how this project fits into our readings and the topics we have been discussing in class

Instead of just taking each of these topics in turn, integrate them into an essay with a main idea (your commentary) and organize the essay to support your main idea.

As always, make sure you have at least three non-text elements in your post, such as links or images.

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