Final Project Assignment


  • Proposal: Thursday, 3/24, at 11:59 pm; post to your WordPress site; just needs to be a paragraph
  • Early draft: Thursday, 4/14; post brief update to your blog and bring to class on Friday, 4/15
  • Rough draft: bring to class to share on Friday, 4/22
  • Final draft: Thursday, 4/28, at 11:59 pm; post to your WordPress site (and/or arrange to submit separately if it cannot be submitted via your site)


The final project is a culmination of all that you have studied this semester. It needs to contain both creative and research elements. (Depending on your project, one of these might be weighted more strongly than the other.)

Creative Part

This can either be a fully formed creative project (like the last creative assignment), or it can be a companion to your research (such as an infographic or photoessay). (A typical blog post with non-text elements is not enough to count for the creative part.)

Unlike the last assignment, this part of the project is more open-ended and does not need to make a specific critique or argument. However, it should still be related to aspects of our course material.

The project should either be embedded into a blog post or should be linked to your post. If it is not something that will reside online, please talk to me about how to turn it in.

Since this is not a production-centered course, this part of the assignment will be graded on effort and creativity, not how polished the end result is. Again, I encourage you to learn something new and experiment with media.

See the Creative Examples page for previous students’ creative work for examples and ideas. Also, see the Digital Tools page for links to ideas, free software, and creative tools that Emory has.

Research Essay

Write a digital essay of at least 1500 words that complements the creative part. The essay should explore a specific topic related to digital media and culture.

You must use/cite:

  • at least two course readings
  • at least three other legitimate sources (other academic essays or books, journalistic/news sources, high-quality online writing)

As always, make sure your research essay (which will be published on your blog as a post) includes three non-text elements (in addition to the creative part of the project).

If the focus of your final project is a creative project, then the essay should explain what the creative project is trying to do and provide theoretical/historical/scholarly context to that creation. In this way, the essay can be more like an “artist’s statement” with some research.

If the focus of your final project is the research itself, think of this more as a traditional essay that explores a topic and presents an argument based on the research. The creative parts of the project can serve as visual illustration or creative extrapolation (for example, when a chart or infographic accompanies a news article.)

Depending on your project, this essay can be more like a personal essay, an artist’s statement, a news article, or a traditional academic paper.

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