Website Update Reflection


This assignment involves two activities: 1) revising and updating your website and 2) writing a blog post about it.

First, spend some time updating your website. Play around with themes. Change the artwork. Add a new page or section of the website. Get your menu up and running. Make sure your blog’s name and your contributor name are how you want them. Add a spam management plug-in (Akismet works great). Add or remove commenting sections. You can even go back and change the design of your previous blog posts.

Secondly, write a blog post of 250-500 words describing the changes you made. It’s okay to list them or use bullet points. Explain what your goals are for the site (in terms of function and/or aesthetics and style) and how the changes help you move toward your goal. (For instance, your structural and design choices will be different if your goal is a professional portfolio versus an ironic or humorous site.)

Make sure you use your three non-text elements. Links to or screenshots of the changes you made would be especially appreciated.

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