-3- Final Project Proposal

      For my final project, the topic is about social media and its influences on female body image. Undeniably, digital media has dominated our lives, which leads to the standardization of beauty and the seemingly unconscious instillations of “perfect” body images. For me, I struggle a lot with social media and how I … Continue reading -3- Final Project Proposal

Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I would like to explore how the internet has affected the consumption of and and culture of music, as well as the music industry. The introduction of the internet in the 90s fundamentally changed the way in which music was created, distributed and listened to and I believe spurred a domino … Continue reading Final Project Proposal

We Need More Visual Comedy

The research topic I chose for this semester is the study of Visual Comedy, and how this form of visual storytelling has evolved with technological advances over time. But before I even describe the specifics of my research we have to ask: what is Visual Comedy? Visual Comedy is a style of storytelling where the […]

Final Project Proposal

For my semester long project, I intend to focus on Project Runway. Project Runway is an American reality television series, where talented fashion designers compete with each other to create high-end and unique clothing. The designers are provided with certain time constraints, and they are restricted by certain materials and theme. In each episode, the … Continue reading Final Project Proposal

Let There Be Light

On Thursday, February 7th, I had the opportunity to attend a screening at the High Museum as part of their Film Love series. We went on a journey of film through time, beginning with some early shorts by the Lumière Brothers, who are often credited with giving birth to modern cinema. The Lumière shorts were …

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Extra Credit #1 πŸ’–

For my first extra credit event, I went to the advanced screening of “Happy Death Day 2U”. I was really excited to go to this screening since I have watched the first Happy Death Day before and I really enjoyed it! I was so surprised by how the story unfolds and to find about the … Continue reading Extra Credit #1 💖