Final Research Essay for Digital Media & Culture

Live Music’s Evolution of Collective Effervescence in the Physical & Digital World rituals, Live Music, & collective effervescence One of Sociology’s founding father’s, Émile Durkheim, described a vivid scene throughout his famous Elementary Forms of Religious Life (1915): “… on every side one sees nothing but violent gestures, cries, veritable howls, and deafening noises of…

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Carah, Nicholas. “Algorithmic brands: A decade of brand experiments with mobile and social media.” New Media & Society. Vol. 19, no. 3, SAGE, March 1, 2017, pp. 384-400. DOI: 10.1177/1461444815605463. SAGE Journals, Accessed: July 17, 2019. Durkheim, Émile. Elementary Forms of Religious Life, Translated by Joseph Ward Swain, Fifth Impression, Kindle Edition, George Allen & Unwin LTD, 1915….

Final Essay

“In the 21st century, the revolution may not be televised-but it likely will be tweeted, blogged, texted and organized on Facebook, recent experience suggests” The Arab Spring was the first revolution of its kind. Instead of just word of mouth communication and relying on news outlets to spread information, people used social media websites like … Continue reading Final Essay

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As far as we know, non-internet inventions of mankind, namely televisions and books, are not going to be completely replaced by internet-based inventions, such as streaming services like Netflix and e-books. However, internet-based inventions are certainly growing very rapidly and efficiently. Many people and companies have been recognizing this fact and starting to acknowledge that […]

The Technosphere and the iPhone

In an increasingly technological world, digital devices are becoming a commonplace luxury in every household, regardless of class status. Personal devices such as laptop computers and cell phones are owned by nearly everyone in the United States, and institutions make it increasingly difficult to participate in day to day activities without owning these devices. Additionally, … Continue reading The Technosphere and the iPhone

The Rise of the YouTube Vlogger

With the surge of new media and technology over the past decade and beyond, it’s no surprise that entertainment preferences are changing with each coming generation. One of the most recent trends comes from not a streaming service or television, but rather from YouTube. Blogs have taken a new form through “vlogging,” or “video blogging,” […]

Final Research Paper

From MySpace to Myspace Myspace is a website which had a rather dramatic fall from grace. What was once the most popular social media site on the globe now stands as a virtual ghost town. While competition with Facebook is to blame for much of Myspace’s loss, it is not the only contributing factor; privacy… Continue reading Final Research Paper