Root Tutoring: Connect and Succeed

For my creative project, I have designed a piece of educational technology that will make it easier and more efficient to succeed academically. It is a mobile phone application for the purpose of improving the process for students in need of academic coaching to find and connect with available tutors in a faster, cheaper, and … More Root Tutoring: Connect and Succeed

Research Paper

Fandom is a rather general term. Oxford dictionary defines fandom as being “The fans of a particular person, team, fictional series, etc. regarded collectively as a community or subculture,” but I feel as though the term fandom is popular culture is known as a specific fan base around a fictional show or movie, and anyway […]

Research Paper

In 1995, global music sales equated $41.5 billion dollars. In 2018, that number was a mere $19.1 billion. This vast decrease in sales can be attributed to the digitalization of the music industry. I question if the industry can ever return to level of output it once attained, but first we must understand how it…

Extra Credit #2

I participate in watching the last movie of this semester’s Emory Cinematheque series: Speed Racer. The location was set in White Hall 208, so that many audiences attended. This movie is a 2008 action and comedy movie about a young speed car racer who aspires to win the champion of the racing world with the … Continue reading Extra Credit #2

Research Essay: What are Streaming Services Doing to the Music Industry?

Throughout history, music has been a centerpiece of society. It has defined generations and created cultural icons that have remained influential over time. Not only has the music itself influenced, but the entire industry has impacted social and cultural conversation. In the early 1700s, classical music was the main genre for listeners and was composed […]

Research Paper

FILM 208 Research Paper Digital India India is one of the world’s fastest growing economies with the seventh largest landmass and housing the planet’s second largest population of 1.33 billion (2017) citizens. It has taken massive strides in the last few decades since its Independence in 1947 and more recently since the turn of the […]