A City of the Future

This week I picked an article that talks about the creation of a city of the future where a military base used to be. The new city is very close to Boston and its development is being headed up by LStar and General Electric. The author basically describes it as the utopian city of the future. Ideas that LStar have been considering include, heated sidewalks, unbreakable electric grids, self-driving public transit, and imbedding smart tech into amenities to monitor and optimize use. The idea of smart though should raise some red flags, especially with how FaceBook has been in the news recently. Smart tech collects data so that it can adjust things for the comfort of the user. Therefore, this entire city would be collecting a ton of data on all of its residents. LStar does address this problem, saying that they would use it to enhance the citizen’s lives, not to use their info as leverage. While that is all very honorable, and the idea of such a tech based city seems really cool, I can’t help but have concerns. First off, imagine if a top notch hacker hacked the city, they could literally take control of everything. Now that is worse case senario, but in a much less extreme sense technology is always breaking and needing repairs. Imagine how bad a morning commute would be if the self-driving transit was down for some reason. However, on the other side of the coin, this universal control defiantly has its benefits. Robotic traffic cuts out human error and reactions, meaning that if the entire city is required to run on self driving cars, then rush hour could be a thing of the past. I can picture the roads being like a conveyor belt, automatic and predictable. Also, in bad weather, the entire city can adjust to combat the elements, such as cars not going, and windows locking down. I am curious to see how this city will turn out.