A Manifesto

This website shall exist as a document of the digital culture of the early 21st century. Digital culture shall refer to the social forms, customs, beliefs, and traits that occur on the Internet. In time, I hope that this website will turn into a forum for respectable, informed discussion regarding topics that I address. I hope that this website will function as a tool for anyone who wishes to learn about the attitudes and values of the larger online community.

In order to provide thought-provoking content I will rely on trusted news sources. These news sources can be found under my Recommendations page, as can my favorite books, movies, shows, and articles. I am open to exploring all types of content as long as it can provide insight into digital culture. If you believe that I have misrepresented a situation, a set of facts, or have provided an inaccurate opinion on a given topic, feel free to reach out to me through email or social media. If you have a piece of content that you believe can contribute to this website’s mission, please share it with me.

Some of the topics I hope to address include A.I., video games, online harassment, online relationships, streaming, virtual reality, and quantum computing. My goal is to cover these topics from a journalistic point of view with an emphasis on providing multiple points of view for an informed read.