Blog #8: YouTube Shooting

The Internet has become a very powerful thing.  As time goes on, as years pass by, people are getting sucked into the Internet more and more.  The Internet is arguably one of the worlds most dangerous weapons.  The amount of information that people post on the Internet, without even knowing sometimes, is frightening.  Humans are so consumed by the Internet that they are willing to go to any measure for their social media sites.

Specifically, wrote an article about a woman who shot and injured 3 men at the YouTube Headquarters before taking her own life.  Nasim Najaf Aghdam was upset with YouTube because she thought they were purposely “protecting” her videos to reduce the number of viewers she would get.  Aghdam thought their privacy policies are in place to reduce viewers not keep children from viewing her provocative videos.  She stated in one of her posts on her channel, “Youtube filtered my channels to keep them from getting views!”

It is scary how invested we have become with the Internet.  Clearly, people are have no limits in the actions they are willing to take when the Internet defies them.  There are ,1,100 workers at the YouTube Headquarters where Aghdam opened fire.  We are very lucky she only injured 44 when it could have been much, much worse.

The March Of Our Lives was just the beginning to th American people taking a stand for safer gun laws.  Something must be done or people will continue to be injured or, our biggest fear, killed.