Blog Post #10

One article I found very interesting this week was an article in the New York Times that looked at Chinese artist, Deng Yufeng’s exhibit. Yufeng wanted to create art that forces people to question their lack of data privacy. In order to do this, he bought the personal information of more than 300,000 Chinese people off the internet. However, after two days of having the exhibit off the police began to investigate the exhibit on claims that the information was gathered through illegal means. Yufeng wants to bring attention to the fact that they have no privacy. In Beijing, tech companies will hand over information about their clients with little to no questions asked. The citizens of China have resigned to the fact that they are tracked by the government. Yufeng said that the information was easy to find, and he was able to collect all the information he needed from people for a total of $800. Yufeng said that he knew he was breaking the law, but he did not care because he wanted to make a point. Yufeng did not care about the consequences but rather cared about getting his point across to the people of China.

I found this article very interesting because it shows how people are taking new routes in order to portray to the public that there is a huge lack of security. Yufeng while may have gone about it the wrong way, had all the right intentions. He wanted people to understand that the government is tracking everything they do and is constantly watching. I think it’s really scary to think that this could be happening in the United States as well. There is a constant security breach and I think it is very important that it is being brought into the light.