Blog Post #10: “I Feel Pretty”

Amy Schumer is the star in Hollywood’s new movie I Feel Pretty that will be released on Friday, April 20th.  I Feel Pretty mimics the storyline of the movie 13 Going On 30.  To elaborate, Amy Schumer takes a cycling class with all other women who are built like models, and, after an incident occurs, Schumer’s body now appears in that of an ideal woman in her opinion.  However, what she does not know is that only she sees herself in a different body.  Everyone else around her still sees the “bigger” woman that she is.

This movie’s purpose is to show the true meaning of self confidence.  Amy Schumer’s character never actually changed body image; she became more confident and comfortable in her own skin without even realizing it.  Though, she only became this way because she believed she was now “pretty” and “skinny.”  The truth of the matter is, all of the characters around her loved her for who she was because she was able to embrace herself in her own image and not care about how she looked or what other people thought about her.

One clear message that I would take from this movie is that no one will be able to love you if you do not love yourself.  I believe that portraying this type of story in a movie is a very powerful use of the media.  Especially with millennials and the younger generations, technology and media are our main source of information.  I look forward to seeing this movie in theaters when it comes out.