Blog Post #11 Extra Credit

One article that I read the week, discussed Twitter and how Twitter is on the uprise with its second straight quarter. Twitter has always struggled finding ways to make money, but it appears that this could change. When Twitter made profit for the first time last quarter, many were unsure if it was a one time thing, or if Twitter would be able to stay on their uphill trend. This month, Twitters profit rose slightly to 336 million per month. The fact that Twitter was able to make money, surpassing  the expectations of financial analysts, shows that although companies like Twitter and Facebook are struggling regarding privacy concerns, companies that are advertise-driven are able to stay afloat. Twitter has finally become a company that is not risky, and is, as stated by Brian Wieser, “Good Enough”. A senior analyst noted that as Twitter improves their performance by advertisers they will continue to grow their revenues.

I think it’s very interesting to see how Twitter is finally on a steady stream of making revenue. Twitter has always struggled to make a profit, as any social media platform does, but it is interesting to see how they are doing well for basically the first time in the Companies history. Everyone has constantly wondered how Twitter will ever make money, so now to see that Twitter has finally found a way to make money is very intriguing. During the twitter week in class, we talked a lot about Twitter and its functionality  and to see that through advertisements they found a way to be successful is really cool!