Blog Post #11: Spotify

The article I read on caught my attention and made me extremely happy.  The title of the article is “Spotify revamps app for non-paying users.”  I am a non-paying user and usually get frustrated by the app’s restrictions.  I log into my sister’s or friend’s  account to get rid of the advertisements and to listen to playlists that I made, but it gets tricky when both of us want to listen to music at the same time.  Anyway, the article states that Spotify has loosened its reigns and now allows non-paying users to listen to certain playlists only offered to premium users previously.  Spotify said that this will most likely increase their number of premium users because 60% of their current premium users started out as non-paying users.  From a personal standpoint, I believe their technique will work.  The only reason I have not made a premium account is because I am simply being very lazy about the situation.  I am choosing not to create my own account because I do not feel like it which really bugs my sister especially.  In addition to opening up more playlists to all users, the music application allows premium users to listen to music while “offline” if they download the songs while in wifi.  Spotify will now be offering this option to non-paying users in hopes of cutting down data usage on cell phones.

I am very excited about these new changes because I love listening to my music on Spotify.  I will most likely be one of Spotify’s newest premium members in the next couple of weeks.