Blog Post #11

With all the recent controversy over data scraping and consent, many people have joined the #deletefacebook movement (or decided to boycott other social media platforms by deleting or refraining to use their apps). But whether it’s Facebook, Apple, Google, or whatever other company you have decided to protest, it’s not easy. These massive tech companies have penetrated our society in more ways than some realize. This article details individual experiences of famous users attempting to cut their ties with different platforms, and failing. Many people who decided to boycott Facebook after the Cambridge Analytica scandal have resorted to using Instagram as their primary social media platform, which is ironically owned by Facebook. Others are complaining online about Apple, and doing so via their iPhones or MacBooks. Similarly, lots of Google complaints have been coming from Android processors.

Ultimately, large media companies have taken over our lives and left us with very limited ways to escape their control. In my opinion, this is terrifying. Thinking about trying to abandon my Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google account, and iPhone seems nearly impossible (and I don’t necessarily consider myself a tech-addict). Even if I was able to remove just one of these, I feel like it would need to be replaced with something else. But really, there is no way to exist in today’s world without a way to be identified online. If I don’t construct a personal page myself, I leave my identity to be up for interpretation based on what other people have posted with or about me.