Blog Post #12

This article discusses the fishing culture as represented on Instagram. The writer did some browsing and found that there is in fact a “flair” to these fishing photos, similar to the way fashion bloggers promote brands and clothing. It involves the catcher holding up the fish for viewers to see, and the excitement on their face correlates with how rare or impressive the fish is. Additionally, some of these posts were also promoting specific fishing brands, again resembling other social media phenomenon. The fishing industry also has its own “influencers”, who have hundreds of thousands of followers and are sponsored by fishing companies.

It’s very interesting to me to see how Instagram “micro-celebrities” exist in many different lights. I had never really thought much of brand promoters and influencers outside of the aesthetically pleasing, fashion forward, healthy eating, and trendy world. It makes a lot of sense that this strategy would permeate to other sectors of life, such as fishing. However, it is also interesting to me how niche this crowd is. I, a girl who has hardly ever fished, didn’t even realize that this world existed. But, I would argue that those who exist in this world (whether a micro-celebrity or part of the audience) are aware of the more popular types of influencers. This goes to show how mainstream culture dominates the media, even though there are other trends that have plenty of support and followers.