Blog Post 3

Throughout the week, one thing I found interesting was the way that the New York Times and Buzzfeed chose to portray the news story of the Florida School Shooting. The Florida shooting, happened today, February 14th, when a 19 year old who had been expelled from the school, came into the school and began shooting at students and teachers in the hallway. The shooter, who was identified as Nikolas Cruz, wore a gas mask as he set off smoke grenades around the school. As of now there have been 17 people identified as dead, and more may be coming.

Both the New York Times and Buzzfeed take a different approach to discussing this tragedy. The New York Times, takes a strictly factual approach. The Article discusses the events that occurred as well as look into the history of school shootings around the United States. The New York Times article references the Columbine shooting in 1999 as well as the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012. This New York Times article appeals to those that want to learn about the facts of the shooting. This article is aimed towards a wide demographic of people that was to learn more about the events that happened in Florida. Contrary to this article, the Buzzfeed article discusses the fake news that is surrounded around the shooting. The article talks about the multiple hoaxes being spread about the event and identifying the shooter. The article goes into a fake Bill O’Reilly account that shows a picture of comedian Sam Hyde, whose photo goes around after every shooting. This article demonstrates how people are making a joke of who the shooter is and turning it into a meme. While the New York Times article is aimed towards a larger demographic, this Buzzfeed article is targeting towards a younger demographic. Both articles discuss the severity and issues around the shooting, but take very different approaches.