Blog Post #3

The internet has been buzzing about Logan Paul, famous YouTube vlogger, for the past month or so. Just recently he crossed the line again. A few weeks ago, Paul went to Japan and filmed a dead body in the Suicide Forest. He received lots of backlash, and eventually removed the video and apologized. This did not stop people from unsubscribing and continuing to publicly disapprove of him. Paul’s “come back” video consisted of him shooting dead rats with a taser (and laughing about it), followed by performing CPR on a live koi fish, and then promising to eat Tide Pods for retweets. This resulted in YouTube pulling ads from his channel.

To me, this is absolutely ridiculous. I understand that many people use YouTube as a vlogging platform to make money and entertain the public. I also think that there are so many ways in which to do this, and Logan Paul has completely embarrassed himself while trying. A person who is “speaking” to an audience of so many people worldwide should have the decency to act in ways that are not offensive to their viewers. Paul has the potential to have a positive impact on so many people, and has instead abused this power in a very disturbing way. If it were up to me, I would remove Logan Paul’s channel altogether. He’s unpredictable–in the worst way (to say the least).