Blog Post #6: Google News Initiative

Recently, Google made a statement that it is going to be making it’s search area more credible.  Google is going to spend $300 million to get rid of the false and fake news posts that appear when searching for reliable sources.  They will be calling their new movement the Google News Initiative.  According to The New York Times, “Among the initiative’s goals are making it easier for Google users to subscribe to news publications, and giving publishers new tools to create fast-loading mobile pages.”  I believe this new idea will give news sites more viewers by limiting the amount of sources as a result to searching for information.  In addition, Google hopes that this change will surge the quality of information it’s users will have access to.

Also, Google’s nonprofit site,, said they will be spending $10 million aiming to help teenagers.  Specifically, the website will be fixated on the interests of teenagers today by using memes, Gifs, and videos to help get its point across about fake news.  This campaign will be designed to help teenagers identify false news for themselves.  Helping the teenagers is a great audience to seek, so they can learn for themselves how to identify credible sources to get their information.

I respect Google very much for wanting to try to rid of the unreliable sources that pay lots of money to appear at the top of search results.  I personally find it hard at times to distinguish between a good source and one that carries false news reports.