Blog Post #6

LegalFling is a new app, currently being introduced to users in beta, that allows an individual to preemptively give consent to certain sexual acts with another person. After both people consent or reject the range of sexual acts listed, a “live contract” is created (which can be later updated and altered according to changing opinions on sexual activity). A criminal defense attorney weighed in on the applicability of the app’s contract, and argues that these “documentations of intent” would be legally viable in court. Clearly, this app raises several issues and could possibly cause more harm than good; sexual consent is not always black and white, like LegalFling implies.

I’m not sure how to feel about this app. I understand that it has great intentions–to avoid, or even just prevent some of the mess that comes along with, sexual assault–and I do applaud that. However, there are so many flaws with the structuring of LegalFling that it could end up causing the opposite effect for victims; and I don’t truly believe that it would be possible to restructure the app to account for human variability. When it comes to regulating human actions with technology, I think there is an oversimplification that could consequentially cause us to oversimplify our lives.. It scares me to think of all the possible things in our every day life that technology could one day control.