Blog Post #7

After discussing the changing television industry this week and how platforms like Netflix and Hulu have begun dominating the Television industry, one article that caught my attention was a New York Times article that talked about the AT&T and Time Warner’s $85 billion blockbuster merger case that is heading to trial on Thursday. If the deal is approved, it would create a media giant that combines AT&T’s nationwide mobile and satellite networks with Time Warner’s huge collection of popular movies and television offerings, such as Game of Thrones. The Justice Department wants to block the merger because they believe it will hurt competition and ultimately lead to higher prices for consumers. The article goes into how different companies such as Google will be giving Testimonies in efforts to block the merger from happening. If AT&T and Time Warner win the merger, there will be significant consolidation in the Television industry.

One thing I found so interesting about this article is how companies are starting to scramble to stay afloat within the changing television industry. It is no longer sufficient to just have one aspect of the market, but companies now need to merge to create almost a monopoly esc. company to dominate the market. I believe that a lot of this comes from the rise of other streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu. As advertisers are going to different platforms to create revenue, cable companies are starting to struggle to produce enough money, and this merger will significantly help them. In the new digital media age, it is very interesting to see how companies are adapting and how they will continue to change as the market gets more and more diverse and spread out amongst different platforms.