Blog Post #8

One article in the New York Times that caught my attention this week, was an article that looked at how journalist from the New York Times, go about listening to their audiences feedback. The article goes into how journalists often look at sights such as Twitter and Facebook. Twitter can be useful for quickly knowing how readers are responding to The New York Times coverage of events, but it is also very noisy. Facebook allows journalists to get feedback on their coverage and allows them to reach out to a wide range of readers. For example, one reporter wanted to know what living in the Arctic Circle was like, so she put out a survey on Facebook. She was hoping to get 20 responses, but ended up hearing from over 700 New York Times readers. Facebook live also allows candid conversations between journalists and their audiences. All journalists have started to appreciate the responses they can receive from the internet, and it looks like some journalists use technology maybe even more than the average person.

I found this article very interesting to see how journalists have found a way to receive feedback and interact with their audience. The fact that 700 people responded to a journalists questionnaire just shows how extensive the online community is and how there are times when technology is really being used to better society. Social media, while has many downfalls, also has the power to bring people together and that is what is being expressed in this article. Journalists can now learn what people like and what people do not, and can use that information to tailor their articles to their audience.