Blog Post #9: Black Lives Matter

Recently, according to, a Facebook page titled Black Lives Matter was discovered to be fake.  Two employees of the National Union of Workers in Australia were found to be the creators of this website and were fired.  This fraud page had more followers, approximately twice as many, than the legitimate Black Lives Matter page.  Ian Mackay and Ben Parker raised a lot of money through this page.  Only some of which actually went to the foundation Black Lives Matter, while the rest of it was transferred to Australian bank accounts.  Who knows what these men actually did with the money they stole from people.  The men also, apparently, created other websites that were associated with black rights.  The two men did not make many comments on the scandal they arranged.

Another article I read, by former NBA star Baron Davis, was about his new career in the film and entertainment industry.  Davis retired from the NBA and took on a new career path using his degree from UCLA.  It is not often you see professional sports players actually using the degree they earned in college to get a job when they retire.  “Baron Davis has become a storyteller who champions racial justice and gender equality.”  Davis is using his own experiences to create his films.  He said people need to know/see what it was like to grow up in a bad are of Los Angeles.  Davis is using his films to help change people’s lives.  For instance, his documentary “The Drew,” is about a gang and the lives of its gang members.  He used this film to show the gang members what their lives look like.  Davis’s technique worked as the gang members portrayed in the movie are now trying to prevent the concept of a “gang.”