Blog Post #9

As discussed in class, we all know plenty about the Tide Pod Challenge. Moral of that story was: people can be idiots when they follow ridiculous trends they see on the Internet and crave attention. The new fad? Condom snorting challenge.

Yep. You read that correctly. People are snorting condoms through their nose in hopes of being able to pull it our through their mouth. Why? For the same reasons people decided that the Cinnamon Challenge, Tide Pod Challenge, Duct Tape Challenge, Fire Challenge, and the Boiling Water Challenge were good ideas. Many experts have warned teens about the possible dangers of this “challenge”, which include: choking, infection, lodging, lung collapse, pneumonia, appendicitis, and even death.

Reading about this new internet trend is really astonishing. How many people need to suffer from internet challenges for others to understand that there is literally no point to them? So what if you succeed in swallowing a spoonful of cinnamon, eating a Tide Pod, or pulling a condom out of your mouth? To think that people are proud of accomplishing these types of tasks, especially if they are seriously risking their health to do so, really makes me question what kind of society we are living in today.

While I’m very critical about these challenges, I am interested to see the memes that come out of the Condom Challenge. At least some people on the Internet can see the humor in these ridiculous challenges and poke fun at them.