Bradford Young Master Class: Extra Credit


On April 17th, I went to Bradford Young’s Masterclass at Georgia State University. His masterclasses are usually production oriented, but Georgia State didn’t offer a studio for us to work in. He started off by talking about his upbringing in a family of gravediggers, being surrounded by death, and the music he listened to. One thing he makes very clear is that he grabs influences from various things, but he stresses going back to his roots. This is why he went to such great detail about his upbringing. How he first learned lighting and set design as a child working in a funeral home rather than on a movie set.eYoung even namedrops meeting Kanye when they were teenagers. He says all of this because he wants to make it clear that his history is reflected in his filmmaking no matter what. What he wanted us to take from this class was that each of us has a specific narrative from our lives and the culture surrounding us. To be a filmmaker you have to have the skill, but you also need to have intention when creating. Asking yourself what is the story I can best tell. He said Spielberg’s best work was Schindler’s List  because Spielberg comes from a Jewish lineage. Black Panther did so well because Ryan Coogler was the one to write and direct the film. You don’t get that authenticity if it’s not apart of your roots.