Creative Project Final

(Note: Due to software used, please read the panels from right to left.)

My final project is a comic. It explores an idealistic future where VR allows for a one hundred percent immersive experience. Immersive to the point where it is basically a dream that someone is put into and can live a separate life from their real one. In summary, the story opens up with a girl in high school. It is your basic high school experience, complete with crush, best friend, and a variety of classes. However, towards the end, the protagonist takes off a headset and we find out she is hospitalized and blind. The whole high school is a VR world that she shares with other kids in the same situation as her. I used a program called Clip Studio EX to make the comic. It is a software where you use a tablet to create digital art. Although it is on a computer, every picture was hand drawn. The program also allows you to layer things, making picture much easier to make. That being said, it takes time to get used to drawing with a tablet.

I regret to inform my readers that the sensory over ride that was featured in my story is in fact to real, yet. The ability to basically create a world that someone is put in a dream state to explore has yet to be created. This also means that the ability to restore senses is not yet a reality. However, I based the idea off things that are being used now. The biggest example is “Cold World”. This is a VR world that burn patients are put in during treatment to relieve pain. Everything in the world is snow and ice. Most burn patients report that using this VR tech, their pain is severely reduced.

The reason I chose to make a comic for a VR project is the fact that comics are a visual narrative style. This allows me to create pictures that would appear in a VR setting, so that the reader can physically see what is happening. Also I used black panels for times I wanted to provide the affect of blindness. All in all, VR stories told by comics just seems like a good pairing to me.

Lastly, my project as a whole has not really been covered by our class time. If anything, I would say my piece is a response to people saying we are losing ourselves to technology and media. While yes, people getting trapped in social media is not ideal, the world of media has many benefits. Although the ones in my story are not real yet, there are many benefits that do exist. Easy access to information, being able to stay in touch with friends that live far away, shopping for anything you could ever need, just to name a few. Media is something that, if used right, will always improve the world.