Data Visualization

Twitter has become one of the major forms of communication both in my personal life and in the political, social, and celebrity sphere. It has become a staple form of social media for any major icon in the media. Because of the accessibility of Twitter combined with its wide grasp on current events, I felt it would be a good way to create a forum to review popular podcasts that I enjoy and appreciate. Twitter also allows an interaction between users, it felt appropriate to use a medium of communication that would allow listeners to engage in conversation. Additionally, Twitter includes creating polls as a feature which would incorporate listener opinion to the discussion. I chose to portray these reviews from the standpoint of a podcast that’s sole purpose is to review other important podcasts and discuss their relevance and popularity.

I hoped that my data visualization would showcase the variety of podcasts both in quality in content. Being constricted to 280 characters motivates a reviewer to have relatively polarizing opinions, there isn’t much room to describe positive and negative traits of a podcast. Through these concise opinions, I reviewed podcasts that I personally listen to. I appreciated that Twitter allowed various forms of describe opinions, such as accentuating a negative review with a gif. As a secondary point, posing as a podcast host allowed me to convey an idea of the range of podcasts possible and the various ways that podcast hosts can interact with listeners. Most of the podcasts I reviewed had Twitter handles of their own, further emphasizing that podcast hosts are generally very interactive with their listeners through various social medias. Ultimately, I tried to showcase podcasts that had a variety of themes, from political to comedy to historical and sometimes a combination.