Data Visualization

data visualization

For my final data visualization, I wanted to draw a silly doodle on how video game addiction feels surreal rather than a serious problem. My visualization is a person floating in a something Jello filled with PlayStation buttons. I wanted the person trapped in their addiction similar to how a fly trapped within amber. The person’s eyes are open, but they are unaware of how far they have gotten into their addiction. On the bottom right-hand corner, I rated the game as addicting, to show how the boundaries of the person’s real life and video games are blurring.

I feel as though my data visualization is accurate to the feeling of an addict and I wanted to share that sense of lostness with the viewer, but let it also come off silly. I wanted it to come off silly because people consider the idea of video game addiction as a joke rather than an illness that affect every aspect of a person’s lifestyle.