Data Visualization

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For my data visualization, I wanted to focus on the concrete information I have collected in my research so far. I decided to create a timeline of the major developments in online dating and social networking platforms.In order to discuss dating and relationships in the digital age, it is important to trace these key changes in terms of digital communication. An infographic is an organized way to visually accomplish that. As I read different sources, I highlighted the most relevant events in my work. I found it interesting and therefore, wanted to include how younger generations have become incorporated in the digital world. I want people to be able to learn from this part of my infographic how online dating and social networking platforms originated and for what purpose. Further, I want to clarify that using data for dating purposes began decades before social networking sites were introduced.

The second part of my infographic points to the effect of these developments over time. By including statistics about online dating, I am providing evidence for the changes I want to discuss in my research. I am particularly interested in communication, including language, and self-presentation within these platforms. This is why I  included data about how frequently people lie on their online profiles and how often friends are asked to help create this presentation. I think that considering social networking sites in relationship to online dating platforms will provide insight to how people portray themselves online as well. The question I want to explore is not only how online dating has reshaped communication in relationships, but also how social media has impacted the online dating world, itself.