Discussions regarding social media platforms’ responsibility have risen

Nikolas Cruz, the shooter who killed 17 people at a Florida high school, has been found leaving violent comments under a YouTube video and posting images of guns, bullets, and a dead frog on Instagram a few month before the shooting.


After his previous activities on social media platforms were exposed, people started to question the responsibilities of social media platforms. Also, YouTube has long been criticized over the damaging contents posted on the website, despite policies do not have regulations requiring social media platforms to report harmful and threatening contents to the police. At the same time, the police are calling lawmakers to give greater power to detain suspects from evaluating posts on social media platforms.

Social media platforms offer a place for users to share their thoughts. However, it could be a huge problem if social media companies do not monitor the activities of users properly. In the documentary Catfish, Angela created more than 10 fake accounts with mostly faked identities and other people’s photos and tricked Yaniv to have a “relationship” with her. This is another example of negative information on social media platform causing problems. YouTube says that they now have people reviewing its most popular content trying to eliminate objectionable material. Google is also working on its algorithm to prohibit negative content. Regarding the huge population on social media platforms, social media companies have to develop certain monitoring systems to make sure what displayed on their website is appropriate.