Ex. Credit Post #1

While attending a talk on Friday, April 20th, I had the opportunity to see Dr. Ethan Tussey discuss the main points from his new book “The Procrastination Economy: the Big Business of Downtime.” This intriguing talk was about the multifaceted value that arises from the ‘in-between time,’ where individuals use their phones in small segments in between more active parts of the day. Tussey elaborated that value arose from two groups: for media companies/phone companies that receive attention and information from users absorbing content, and for the users themselves who enjoy their phones during smaller moments in the day. Interestingly, Tussey’s points were incredibly positive, which added another perspective towards the popular belief that phone use is all-consuming and undoubtedly negative. After all, there are other ways that humans use their phones to add to their existence in these in-between moments. For example, there is often the perception that phones take away from our capacity to socialize, but Tussey studied how we often use downtime to simply continue daily socializing onto online platforms to decrease gaps in interaction. Further, the talk mentioned how media companies recognize the tremendous value in the shift towards phone experiences in smaller bites. These companies change a lot of their content in order to offer accessible experiences in less time, where users can tap into and participate in the ‘procrastination economy.’ He used examples of spotify making playlists specifically for commuting, the rise of podcasts for the in-between moments, and netflix’s foray into stand-up comedy bits that can be consumed in smaller chunks. Overall, this talk applied to my life, as I am creating an online platform that will make holistic wellness content more accessible to users. This talk really influenced my perspective, as I know that I will have to cater towards audiences consuming contents in shorter segments. Some of the content will also need to target specific groups engaging in specific activities (like commuting) if we want to be successful reaching our users.