Ex. Credit Post #2

I had the opportunity to attend the first hour of the Emory Center for Ethics event: ‘Art and Social Engagement Project Unveiling.’ It was an amazing assortment of people, food, student-made artistic prints, and student-made films made in association with Atlanta artists, nonprofits, and Southwest Airlines. The class professor, Carlton Mackey did an amazing job coordinating the students who showcased a variety of projects, which included a documentary of the students working on projects and a student film on the Atlanta non-profit First Step. The documentary that followed the art and activism class asked people several interesting questions, such as ‘what does it mean to be human?’ and ‘what is the connection between art, activism, and humanity?’ Another film that I had the opportunity to watch featured the incredible work that the employees of First Step do to help individuals transitioning from homelessness to the workplace. Not only does First Step give individuals the skills to find jobs and maintain their life in more sustainable housing, but they also consistently offer workers thousands of rides to and from jobs. Amazingly 60% of First Step clients work for 6 months and 80% of these people go from homelessness to sustainable living conditions. Overall, this film did an incredible job as it truly looked like a high-budget, high-quality project. It also did an amazing job of showing that individuals who are homeless and transitioning from homelessness are not to be pitied and looked down upun, but are dignified, personable, and valuable members of our society. I also really enjoyed the documentary of the class as it asked very important and vulnerable questions that people don’t typically ask.