Extra Credit Event Response 1

Dr. Ethan Tussey’s discussion of his book “Hunched and Harried: The Value of Mobile Device Distraction” discussed the ways in which modern media and technology have infiltrated spaces in our lives to extent we’ve never seen before. He discusses a concept of “lack of boredom” because of how connected we are to our devices. As a result of this lack of boredom there is an increased lack of intimacy between people. He discusses how through these emerging forms of media and technology the same “television logic” is seen throughout these new forms. He mentions how “distraction is a political act for the working class to unify people against monotony of day to day working”.

He brings up multiple points of how mobile devices have shifted our sense of communal viewership. Mobile devices create “bubbles that make it difficult to watch [television] with anyone so it is an isolating act. Tussey brought up a really interesting point of the duality of mobile devices. Mobile devices both “bring work into home and leisure into work”. Tussey characterizes mobile devices in three ways; an amplification of radio, media snacks, and a communal break time.

He discusses how podcasts are perfect for the procrastination economy. The procrastination economy is seen an area that is easily capitalized by these apps and technologies that target free time. The capitalization of the procrastination economy includes the promotion of isolationism and individualism and the negation of control and disrupting the social hierarchy.