Facebook Doesn’t Expect Revenue Impact Over Privacy Concerns

Recently, Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s vice president of global marketing solutions, says people’s behavior does not change much regarding the concern of privacy after the news of Facebook’s misuse of user data. Analysts also found that Facebook’s sale will not be affected significantly and Facebook’s position as one of the world’s digital marketing duopolies will not change. “We have not seen wild changes in behavior with people saying I’m not going to share any data with Facebook anymore,” Ms. Everson said on last Thursday.carolyn-everson-hs-hed-2016

It is said that Facebook users’ habits of using it have not changed much. There is not a substantial number of users completely stopped sharing anything on Facebook or deleting it. The stock price of Facebook has also been increasing fitfully after the significant drop on March 19th.

During class when we talked about the event regarding Facebook, a lot of students expressed their worries and disappointment of how their personal data are used illegally by other companies and groups. Some of the students also said that new social media platforms are rising and will replace Facebook someday in the future. However, as I have anticipated in my final project, Facebook will not disappear or be replaced in short term. People also cannot immediately completely erase the existence of Facebook from their life. For example, even if you stopped posting on Facebook, you still use Messenger, which is powered by Facebook, and while you are using other Apps developed by Facebook, it is still collecting your data.