Facebook Is Being Questioned Again for User Privacy

下载As soon as the stock market opens on March 19th, the stock price of Facebook fell significantly, and the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg ended up losing more than 6 billion dollars. The reason behind this sharp fall in stock price is an accuse that Facebook has divulged massive users’ personal information to Cambridge Analytica and two other individuals.


It started with Facebook suspending Cambridge Analytica, a data firm, illegally kept and used the data of tens of millions of user’s information to help President Donald Trump with the 2016 election. 1936e3f292fdff44581e62ce85807397Facebook said that in 2005, a professor in the University of Cambridge developed an app called “thisisyourdigitallife” and it shared the users’ data with third-party companies including Cambridge Analytica. After Facebook found out, Facebook had required them to delete all the data. Although Cambridge Analytica claimed that they had cleared all the data, Facebook said several days ago they learned that the data were not completely deleted.

Privacy has always been a problem that cannot be guaranteed on social media. In my previous news responses, the issue of Google removing web ads, AI being used to detect suicide, and suspicion that Facebook has been spying on users all concerns privacy. But from my point of view, as long as we are using the internet, privacy can never be completely guaranteed. The ultimate method to protect users’ personal information from misuse is governments’ supervision and reinforcement of laws and policies. However, we can achieve certain degrees of privacy by turning off the apps inside of Facebook. The specific steps are attached below.

Click on “Settings”
Then click on “Apps”
All the Apps that are connected to Facebook will appear here
You can change your authorization under “Apps Others Use”