Facebook Security

This week I decided to reflect on an article about “protecting” yourself from Facebook trackers. The article opens up with an anecdote about the Trump election. It talks about a survey/ data collection that was run by a company on Facebook to get data to use in the election. However, a lot more data was used than the number of people who signed up to give their data. This was because of the terms of Facebook. The website is always collecting data and by having an account, you are allowing all of the data to be collected. This much I knew and expected. The one thing I find that is more annoying about this situation is the fact that the people who chose to participate were paid. For me, the “invasion” of privacy is expected. The idea that so many people were not given money for data that other people who actively agreed to give is very underhanded. Anyway, the rest of the article that covers things you can do to minimize the tracking and data collection done by Facebook. It is all basic stuff: install anti-trackers and pop up blockers, don’t connect to many things to the site, read privacy policies, etc. The biggest thing I find connecting all of these facts, and the reason I don’t think many people will follow the advice of the article, is that most of the connections are made due to laziness. Let me explain. When you download a new app, you normally have to make an account. That can take anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes. However, many apps allow you to connect to Facebook, removing that step all together. Most people would do that so that they don’t have to wait or take extra time to use the app. It is the problem with instant gratification one sees everywhere now a days. The same thing applies to terms and conditions. I have always felt companies made terms and conditions unnecessarily long so that people would just accept instead of taking the few minutes to confirm what they are agreeing to. What this all boils down to is a question of willingness to use more time to gain more privacy. However, in today’s fast paced world, many people would rather give up privacy than “waste” a couple minutes.