Final Creative Project

For this project, I am focusing on competitive gaming and video game addiction. As I was researching this topic I found it a bit scary how much time people would invest into gaming knowing that winning is very rare and sometimes offer very little compared to what they had sacrificed. I also found that most gamers that show signs of addiction are also very rude. When gamers insult online they would use any insults they knew, and not think about how offensive they are being. Many of them defend themselves by saying that trash talking is apart of the culture. They don’t really mean to offend people, the words just come out.

Games and streaming sites have been putting more regulations to create friendlier forums and matches, but this issue is internalized in the gaming community. The aggressiveness and rush someone can get from gaming can bring the worst out of them. I created a compilation of some of my favorite gaming moments that really encapsulates the angst, anger, and offensiveness of gamers. I was hesitant about making this video because they are moments when white people say “nigger”. I was worried it would make people too awkward especially since I am the only black kid in the class. However, I would be doing the video wrong if I didn’t add these clips because “nigger” is a common insult in gaming. What’s funny about it is that people know that they are in the wrong and immediately apologize for it because they are streaming, not because it is wrong.


The video is on my Youtube since I was unable to link it through here.