Final Creative Project

News in 2014Processed with MOLDIV



News after 2015Processed with MOLDIV

For the creative project, I chose to make 2 collages of news headlines contrasting the different situation of relatively small sized digital media companies especially Buzzfeed before and after 2014.

I have been looking for news to better learn about Buzzfeed’s financial and social situation since I personally do not really use Buzzfeed. An interesting phenomenon I have found is that, before 2015, when Buzzfeed for the first time had the crisis of failed achieving its revenue target, the news were all very positive about Buzzfeed’s current situation and future. More than 90% of the news I found regarding Buzzfeed around the year 2014 is about how successful Buzzfeed has built a new model of online advertising and achieved success, about which large firm has invested millions of dollars in Buzzfeed, or about Buzzfeed planning to go public in the near future. However ever since 2015 and until current days, most news focuses more on how Buzzfeed missed its revenue target, how Buzzfeed trying hard to survive between the two digital marketing magnates, Buzzfeed laying off employees. I think through contrasting the two polarized comments from news articles, people could get a stronger feeling of how the position of Buzzfeed has changed over the years. I created these two pictures by screenshotting the news headlines I found, classify them by positive and negative, and use the collage app to put them together.

For my final project of whether the phenomenon of digital media bubble is true, smaller digital media companies are finding it harder and harder to survive, letting alone competing with large digital media empires, or is it just critics bluffing, that more and more digital media platforms are emerging because of the bright future of digital media market. I think this creative project is a direct evidence to prove the existence of digital media bubble as the representative of the smaller companies, which is Buzzfeed, has experienced such huge overturn of its situation.