Final Creative Project

Click here to see my final creative project. 


For my creative project, I created an “everyday ASMR” Instagram page.  To prepare for my project, I watched various different ASMRartists’s videos on both YouTube and Instagram. I decided to create Instagram ASMR content because I find that it is much more everyday and spontaneous than the professional YouTube videos. I thought it was interesting how Instagram videos focused primarily on sounds and visuals instead of crating the most professional video possible. My project is an Instagram account where I posted different ASMR clips of everyday objects. I kept the aesthetics of the Instagram page cohesive in attempt to create the most relaxing experience possible. Additionally, I used microphones from various headphones I have to try and get clear sounds. To make each video, I would set up a ring light above a table, connect my phone to a tripod, attach headphones to my phone, and place the microphone as close to the object as possible. Through my videos I tried to create simple sounds and visuals that would resonate with viewers. I also attempted to connect with the audience through captions and photo content to try and create a personal connection between us. This is something I think is important in the ASMR community. All of the triggers I filmed are sounds and visuals that I personally connect with and ones that I found through my research to be popular in the community (tapping, hand movements, typing, cellophane crinkling, etc.).

My project relates to my final project topic because it is all about the way digital media can create a new platform for relaxation. One of the biggest trends within ASMR is the way that it can create personal connections through videos. In my Instagram, I attempted to do the same thing. My hand movements and clips were meant to be reminiscent of personal attention. Additionally, sexual undertones and connotations in ASMR videos is a common debate surrounding the phenomenon. In my videos, I attempted to make them as un-sexual a possible. Something interesting I encountered, however, was that when I showed my videos to friends, some expressed that there was something subtly sexual about the hand movements. I thought this was interesting because it caused me to wonder if it is not possible to disconnect ASMR from these sexual tones. I think the answer lies in the person. Some people might find them to be slightly sexual, however, some who experience ASMR will not see that at all.

I also wanted my project to be representative of a trend in ASMR that I have not delved into a lot so far–its existence on social media. I wanted to address this side of ASMR because I think that it is a cool way to make ASMR more accessible and everyday. ASMR’s presence on social media could potentially allow it to draw larger crowds of viewers because users could find the content through Instagram’s explore page and hashtags.

This project fits into our class topics in numerous different ways. It explores a new way digital media is being used–as a platform for relaxation. It is also interesting because it shows how human connection and touch can be communicated through digital mediums. Additionally, I explored gender dynamics through my project. ASMR videos are predominantly female created and this is also seen on Instagram. The majority of ASMR, slime, and kinetic sand videos I watched on YouTube were created by women with nicely painted nails and soothing voices. This is indicative of how this trend perpetuates typical gender norms. This was a convention I followed in my own videos in which I made sure my nails were done for all of my clips and I tried to keep my hand motions smooth and gentle.

Follow the links below to watch a few of my favorite clips from my final creative project:

  1. Typing
  2. Cellophane Crinkling
  3. Sticky putty