Final Creative project

This link sends you to my final creative project on YouTube.  It is a 3 minute video that I created using the game, a physics engine based game that allows for realistic crash physics for cars.  The editing software I used was Vegas Movie Studies 14 platinum which I purchased during a humble bundle sale.  The sound clips come from a combination of songs, commercials, and movies all of which I follow fair use policy and don’t use more than 10 seconds of any song.  I also recorded two of the sound clips using the voice recorder app on my phone.  For me this project was very intriguing because I was able to mix video games music and memes into one format that is easily consumable for an average person.  The footage was where I found the largest problem.  I use to record the video footage; is a free downloadable software that can detect game play from certain games on steam.  The problem I ran into was that Between the filming of some of the footage I forgot to notice that it recorded another game that had taken up all the other memory that the app is allowed.  When I went to film some more for the video the app auto-deleted the temporary footage that was the first half of my video so I had to edit the storage settings and re-record all that footage.  All in all I cut an hour and a half of raw footage down into a three minute video, cutting the transitions between ideas, multiple takes, and whatever else didn’t end up being funny in my opinion.  It was very easy to upload it to YouTube because this app is a common used one for these types of videos and can upload from the tool menu.  I chose to do a project like this because it challenged me to find ways of making funny jokes or references in a modern way and also challenged me to understand the effort it takes to create even a small video.