Final Creative Project

For my final creative project, I chose five ads to recreate–replacing the female model with a male. I took the photos of my friend on my iPhone 6+, and used a free app called “ProKnockout” to photoshop him onto the original ads. I added these to my data visualization Instagram page, using the swipe feature so a viewer can easily compare the different ads. This formatting really emphasizes the dramatic difference it makes when a male is sexualized in the same way that a female is. Ads so often feature beautiful women in sexual poses that we can easily forget how degrading they are.

The goal of this project was to demonstrate that the over sexualization of women in advertisements is extremely misogynistic. By looking at the ads I have created with photos of a man instead of a women, it is obvious how standards differ between the sexes. The ads with a man are comical, while the ads with a woman are socially acceptable and often remain unquestioned. The five ads that I chose to recreate are all advertisements for a burger, but use the female model in different ways. They each consist of either biting, licking, sucking, chewing, or just plain nudity. All together, these ads were intended to expose the underlying theme of how women are over sexualized, but in different ways. Additionally, it goes to show how women are used to sell traditionally male products. Burgers and beer, the two most frequently found “sexy woman” ads, are stereotypically known as food for men. When looking at the imitation ads, we can see why men can’t be used in the same way as women to advertise to men. This further unmasks some issues of the way the media can reinforce the patriarchal society that we live in today.