Final Creative Project

In creating this video I used a couple different tools. For recording the short segment on the paper I used a cell phone, and then uploaded that footage along with footage from the trailer and two key scenes to Adobe Premiere Pro. From here I wrote a short essay/script on google docs and recorded myself reading it using audacity. I stumbled over my words a lot so I ended up recording it in segments and then splicing it together in the end as one mp3 recording. You can tell this is what I did if you listen closely on the last part of the video where it sounds like I sat up and started eating my microphone. That’s because I did and was. I”m pretty avid in video editing so the premiere stuff was looking like it was going to be a breeze. Until the power cut out a couple times without me saving and I lost everything. Not super cool. Once I had a stable power connection though, the editing went fairly smoothly. There is some jitter in the paper flipping scences because I wasn’t using a tripod, and my friend, who was holding the camera, got this thumb in the beginning just a tiny tiny bit. The only other issue I had was setting the right aspect ratio to begin with, so that is why there are weird black bars in the video.

This project speaks to my larger topic of gender in AI by exploring a specific example of how fictional media portrays gender through AI, which speaks to how our AI is gendered. The video speaks to the male dominated technology and internet age we spoke of before in class where technology is supposed to be this free space, as is described by Hackers, but instead is a boys club that becomes oppressive to a lot of groups of people.