Final Creative Project Draft

For my final creative project, I plan on editing together a YouTube video showing what has been censored, or what people have attempted to censor, in the past. As the video goes on, the clips of things will become shorter and more numerous, showing not only the greater breadth of information available but also how more and more things are being censored, especially through demonetization. Additionally, I would like to show that while censorship may sometimes be or seem ridiculous, at other times it may be at least partially justified, for example, in the case of hate speech.

Although I have not yet chosen which specific clips or images to use in the video, I have a general idea of what things I will be including in the video. The subjects shown in the video will likely be:

Early film: interracial marriage, sex or nudity

Banned books: Anarchist’s Cookbook, To Kill a Mockingbird, Mein Kampf, Animal Farm, Brave New World, etc.

Government censorship: newspaper articles regarding wartime material, particularly that of war correspondence, Communism

Modern film and television: censorship of swearing, censorship of sex, nudity, and violence (outside of premium cable networks)

Modern Google: government requests for Google to take down items

Modern YouTube: Phillip DeFranco, H3H3, movie reviews, PewDiePie, Vlogbrothers, Casey Neistat, Logan Paul