Final Creative Project ROUGH Draft

For my creative project, I’m choosing to look at AI in science fiction films and TV shows, and observe their gender identifications to hopefully confirm my hypothesis that there is a major discrepancy in the male AI and female AI in the way the are used in the film. I’m assuming that more male AI will be in positions of power, and more female AI will appear to be in less powerful positions like the digital assistants we carry in our pockets everyday. I’m still collecting a list of films and television programs to research, but so far I’ve accumulated a fairly large list.

Nexus’ in Blade Runner
Gerty – Moon
David – Prometheus/ Alien Covenant
Agent Smith/ Robots – Matrix
Roy Batty – Blade Runner
West World (Do I want to use TV or no)
Transformers (Michael Bay)
Android (2004)
Astro Boy
Artificial Intelligence (2001)

I’m going to present my ideas in the same fashion that ASAP Science presents their videos. It is also the same way that a lot of the draw my life videos are structured. It would be a type of hyper lapse animation style using a whiteboard (probably), mixed in with some clips from the films themselves demonstrating a point that I’m making. I still haven’t decided whether I want to work with more animation with video spliced in through simple editing (easy), or try to teach myself how to animate some of the graphics so things are more legible (difficult difficult lemon difficult).