Final Creative Project

My Instagram page @beautymythbacklash

For my final creative project, I decided to create an Instagram page that showcases the importance of body positivity and the strides that brands are making with body positive campaigns. Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to post pictures and videos, but also gives users the ability to voice their own opinions. Recently, the body positivity movement has been thriving on Instagram, which has created a powerful community of supportive users who are committed to promoting the message of body positivity and acceptance. I therefore chose to join this movement with my new Instagram account @beautymythbacklash, where I posted quotes, advertisement campaigns, and body positive content send the message of body acceptance and of dismantlement of societal norms of the thin beauty ideal.

To aesthetically present this images I chose to stick to an aesthetic of black, white, and grey, which pops of purple. I attempted to create some form of Instagram “flow” through adding this new account to my Unum app, an application that links to a user’s Instagram account and displays all of one’s posts and allows the upload of future posts without the commitment of an actual post so a user can plan out future posts and see if they fit into one’s Instagram aesthetic. This conforming to the new Instagram trends was contrasted by my challenge of Instagram caption norms because every single post has a brief, yet lengthier than anything I would post on my personal account, caption that explains the background of the quote, image, or advertisement campaign as a whole.


The content that I was posting was definitely different from what I would post on my personal account, which I found to be quite liberating. I posted multiple photos at once, ignoring any one a day rules, which made me reflect upon Instagram as a social media platform and how we use this form of media. This content is certainly more inspiring than anything I post on my personal account, yet I find that I would never be able to post an empowering quote or campaign in celebration of it because I would be too scared to loose a follower. This class therefore has equipped me with the ability to recognize my reliance on digital media and the social norms I participate in. This creative project was liberating for me to focus on posting content that I liked and found inspiring and also gave me the ability to participate in the body positivity movement and Instagram community of it.