Final Paper Rough

For my rough draft of my final research paper, I decided to talk about a couple more resources I have found.

Here is the link to the first article.

This article was divided into three sections. The first section is something I have already discussed a lot. It cover the use of VR to prepare for procedures. The example the author uses is the separation of conjoined twins. This is used to exemplify a rare procedure that one would want more exposure to before beginning the actual surgery. The second section talks about the applications of VR for the patients receiving treatment. Studies have shown that putting people in a VR headset actually reduces the pain that they feel from operations. Some of the examples used were chemo, burn treatment, and other minor non invasive procedures. The third section talks about using VR for rehab. The article talks about how a VR environment is very easy to control. This makes situations easier to emulate without weigh or other limitations. It would just focus on the movement.

Here is the link for the next article.

First off this article comes from the government medical page, so one knows it is really credible. Long story short this article is a much more detailed version of the one above. It starts off with clinical practice and goes into detail about certain types of doctor’s uses for the equipment. For example, it talks about how in orthopedics has had little research due to how the procedures are preformed. It then goes again into pain management. One additional thing that this article has is chronic pain. Although little research has been done, a little bit has been done with treating complex regional pain. It concludes with a small section on treating mental diseases and disabilities.