Final Project Data Visualization


I decided to use a world cloud for my data visualization because I wanted to show a brief summary of what my final project is about. Since the topic of microtransactions can be too extensive to cover, I included a few words that are relevant to my project, as shown above. Some of these words may be a little subjective, such as advantage and fun, but I feel that they are still important, since microtransactions can give some unfair advantages to players and change the meaning of fun, for better or worse.

I hope that this visualization shows that microtransactions have the unfair ability to give paying players an advantage over others. Consumers shouldn’t have to suffer based on whether other players pay for bonuses or not. It is understandable that companies should look for profit from their games, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of the consumers. Everyone should experience a fair playing field so that the game can be enjoyable for everyone, as it should be.