Final Project Data Visualization

I chose to use Instagram as a vehicle with which to explore information about virtual reality technology. The visual layout of Instagram appeared to be the perfect medium for quickly and efficiently communicating graphical information regarding my topic. Using Instagram’s interface, I was able to share pictures of virtual reality products, graphs of virtual reality economic information as well as brief descriptions to accompany the visual information. The visual platform of Instagram was designed for sharing visual information and as a result proved to be the ideal medium for my data visualization of virtual reality technology.

The other reason I selected Instagram for my data visualization is that the platform is very relevant to our course. Instagram displays all four affordances of digital technology (procedural, participatory encyclopedic and spatial) which Janet McMurray references. The online service is also at the forefront of the social media landscape and is increasingly becoming a key element in how visual stories are communicated today. I decided that in order to communicate visual information in a comprehensively modern manner, Instagram would be the ideal choice. This project illustrates the visual power of Instagram’s platform and the potential for telling stories within this platform.