Final Project Data Visualization

I decided to create an Instagram page to provide visual supplements to my final project. I chose this method because it was a simple way to show many different examples of over sexualized women in advertisements at once, while still allowing a viewer to click on and closely examine these photos. I grouped the photos according to the product being advertised: beer, burgers, and miscellaneous. By situating advertisements with similar products on display next to each other, the different techniques are more easily distinguishable. It is also noticeable that the majority of advertisements that use women to sell a product are promoting something unhealthy. These were the advertisements that appeared on Google after searching “sexy food ads”, demonstrating the types of companies that are more prone to relying on women and their features when advertising.

Hopefully, upon viewing this page, people will be able to see the despicable ways that women are used in advertisements–the array of photos I have selected demonstrate just some of the methods. Women are underdressed, positioned sexually, licking and sucking–sometimes without the actual product in the shot. Some ads only feature specific female body parts, and others use multiple girls to arouse a whole other train of thought from its viewers. Sexual innuendos are another fan favorite–the list never ends. This page seeks to emphasize the issue of over sexualizing women in advertisements.