Final Project Data Visualization

For my data visualization segment of my final project, I created an Instagram account titled “photoshop.gone_wrong”. My goal was to post pictures that are evidently photoshopped and overly edited. Most of the pictures are of well-known celebrities that we see pictures of everyday. We often do not realize the pervasiveness of photoshop and the repercussions that it can have on public photos. For example, in the photo of Beyonce walking down the staircase barely clothed, the stair in between her thighs looks slightly crooked. This is a result of the poor photoshopping skills and the craving for a “perfect” body. With all of the accessible technology that we have today, individuals are capable of digitally altering themselves and posting “perfect” versions of themselves on all forms of social media. Photoshopping can be seen in a negative light because of the unrealistic body standards that it promotes. When overused, photoshop can make normal-looking people look inhuman.

I decided to create an Instagram account for this project because Instagram is one of the most common platforms for photoshopped pictures. Many individuals feel like they need to look absolutely “perfect”, physically, in order to get enough likes on an Instagram post. Social media, especially Instagram, can become addictive. Users depend on the amount of likes their posts get, how many followers they have, and how many people comment on their “perfect” bodies. They use these “likes” and “followers” as self-esteem boosters, which stem from how the posts look and how perfect their bodies are. I hope my viewers realize that there are dangerous aspects of photoshop. Furthermore, the core of these dangerous aspects is from peoples’ self-conscious feelings about (unrealistically) looking as perfect as they can.