Final Project Data Visualization


For the first part of the table I wanted to take a look at the profitability of some well heard of indie games versus the profitability of triple A titles.  This is to show how the demand for games is growing in all areas leading to larger profits for both the large developer and the indie developer.  It shows how the indie developers are now becoming prominent just like large companies have been and this is birthing a new sector for the game industry.  The second part of the info-graphic relates to the first part in that it takes a look into the cost of a game engine and what that means for a developer.  Indie developers can use fairly expensive software but compared to the engines that triple A titles use look like they should have gone extinct with the dinosaurs.  But a development from the info-graphic I found both Crytek will now allow a subscription to the engine for $10 dollars a month and Epic Games has done something similar in having a subscription of $19 a month and 5% of the gross revenue for using their Unreal Engine 4.  These are some of the most advanced engines being used at the time and now they can be accessed by the indie developer.  It is a breakthrough for both the indie developer and the large development companies that created these engines, a breakthrough in that indie developers can access tools that giants like EA or Ubisoft have and a breakthrough for companies like Crytek and Epic Games because they can now create a new revenue source.

The last part I wanted to show how independently developed games can become just as successful as a triple A title by showing how Minecraft has well outsold everything except for Tetris which has been around for over 25 years and on almost every console in its time.  Minecraft is the true Cinderella story for any aspiring indie developer because Notch went from only making a living off a clever idea to becoming a billionaire in a few short years.  The new example of an indie game having this success is Player Unkown’s Battle Grounds which made over $712 million last year.  The game is still technically in early access, meaning it isn’t finished yet, and yet has been able to sell 30 million copies of the game.  These just show how the indie developer has become a true player in the video game industry.  It is an evolution from indie games just being put onto the Xbox arcade or steam for a couple dollars and lasting an hour or two to full titles that engross a player in a new idea they’ve never found before.  It shows how the development of technology and the ease of access to it has lead to a new age of game making the same way as it lead to other new forms of entertainment like YouTube and Instagram.   How this all relates to me is that I have the same software that was used to create big hits like Undertale, Hyper Light Drifter, and Hotline Miami meaning I have the possibility, with some luck, to create something that could be just as successful.