Final Reflection

Throughout this course, I have learned more about the digital forum and expanded my digital writing skills. The weekly news responses and reflections have given me the opportunity to be more aware of what is happening in the world; I digest the news more frequently and easily, which has taught me how to make the news more relatable. Every single week when I reflect on the news and its relationship with media, I learn more about the social media I am using and the power of the digital platforms that I am addicted to.

Moreover, Digital Media and Culture has helped me expanded my WordPress and website design skills. My website this semester has been significantly more aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate. I added featured images on my posts and created a page entirely focused on my final project. By emphasizing my final project through the separate page and the permanent post at the top of my home webpage, I hope that my final project is more visible and effective in teaching users about the impact of the thin body ideal and the body positivity movement as a result of these destructive societal norms that women face. This semester has allowed me to be creative and academic at the same time and by combining these areas I hope that Internet users who stumble upon my domain are able to learn about body positivity and empower themselves through this forum.