Final Website Update

           For my final website update I made a number of changes. Initially I just made aesthetic changes. I changed the font of the main header and the subheaders of each blog post. I also changed the color palette of the website as well. Initially it was shades of grey and yellow but I changed it to shades of purple for a more neutral overall tone. I also created a logo for the website. I used a Canva template to create the logo and tried to choose a color scheme that would match the overall website. I had trouble coming up with a slogan for the banner but I came up with one that was funny and reflected currently memes.

            I decided to add a photography aspect to my blog. I thought it would be a good way to represent my travels through a media source. I started with images from my trip to Morocco and Egypt last December. Then I included images from my trip to Italy. Finally I concluded with images from my trip to Cancun. I decided not to put captions on the pictures because I couldn’t remember the specific location of each image and I also think sometimes captions detract from the image itself.

            Creating this website has taught me a lot about how to organize content for a blog. WordPress has made website creation extremely accessible and I think creating a personal website to highlight your skills is a great tactic to become a more marketable employee in the job search.